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online since September 2nd, 2016!

"she/her trans woman. linux lover. makes websites and other fun code.
enjoys linux PCs and linux gaming."



My name's Zoey, a nerdy trans girl from Yorkshire, obsessed with the
Linux Desktop, and with programming in HTML, CSS, and Bash.
I came out as a trans girl and started transitioning on May 1st 2016.

My main hobbies are to get to know people that can enjoy a pleasant chat, videogames, and in general a very warm and affective girl that loves to spread happiness for people that reach my heart.

I've passionately used Linux-based OSs full time as my only OS since August 1st 2016.


(If you're curious about what software I use, I have a full list of them all that I continuously update.)

Things I work hard on

My ambitions in life are to make and maintain FLOSS software and learn how to better develop websites. I create content for my Twitch and YouTube channel too, whenever time is available.

🎥 YouTube channel - Mommy ZoeyGlobe

🎥 Twitch channel - MommyZoeyGlobe

💻 GitLab - Mommy Zoey Globe ~^ - ^~ - /ZoeyGlobe

I do not use or suggest the usage of Microsoft GitHub because of the terrible things Microsoft have always done and continue to do in regards to Linux, and because since Microsoft's purchase of GitHub, xenophobic blockings of certain countries from using the site have taken place, censoring and restricting innocent would-be free software contributors, and killing many open-source projects.

IRC channel (instant messaging)

I use IRC as my main method of instant-messaging communication. If you would wish to instant-message with me either publicly or privately, please visit this page to learn more about IRC.
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💬 IRC channel - Freenode - #zoeyglobe

( advanced users: #zoeyglobe on Freenode, has +r )

Links: /passion  /irc  /contact

Trans woman & proud!

Trans woman & proud!

Proud Linux user since August 2016!

Proud Linux user since August 2016!

Proud Linux user since August 2016!

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if you are seeing this, it's a secret and you found it. i'm actually a futa girl (with both), but people have been bullying me and harassing me online because of it, so i've had to edit the site and my social media stuff to avoid mentioning it anywhere. please be prideful of who you are, but stay safe like me. it's not lying if you have to not-mention the truth to stay safe.